Push Your Limits

Recruitment film

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Client: DSM
Type of production: Recruitment film, online, LinkedIn

There is also a short teaser created for social media use.
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Additional value of Cinematographic Recruitment film films

A cinematographic Recruitment film is an effective and captivation way of presenting the profile you looking for. CCD Media is specialized in producing cinematographic film productions. CCD Media tells your story according to a movie script. Sparkling, original and last but certainly not least; attractive. Because of course, the message should be clear. We gladly assist in thinking over an effective film script suiting your organizations’ (desired) image.

Why should you choose a CCD Media film production?

We lost our heart to cinematography.
That is what distinguishes our film productions: cinematographic features.
‘Storytelling’ plays an important role in this production method. During a briefing, we identify the client’s demands. These demands are translated into a film script and a (technical) plan of approach. These are the main ingredients for a film production being able to get to the clients’ target audience emotions, but also and above all conveys.

CCD Media is equipped with state of the art, high-end camera and editing equipment. Our crew varies, depending on the type of assignment, from a single, self-directing camera operator to a fully occupied film crew. In advance of each assignment, the demands regarding equipment and type and number of professionals are determined in order to ensure an efficient way of working and competitive pricing to our clients.

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