De Familie Slim

Official Trailer

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Client: Just Film Distribution
Director: Roy Poortmans
Director of Photography: Christiaan Cats
2nd Assistend Director: Zamire Thijssen

Max Slim is inventor, but not the best. With all his findings, something is wrong. But when the rest of his brilliant inventors famile are taken to the annual inventions festival by their major competitor Teslison, Max is the only one who can save the Slim Family.

Why should you choose a CCD Media film production?

We lost our heart to cinematography.
That is what distinguishes our film productions: cinematographic features.
‘Storytelling’ plays an important role in this production method. During a briefing, we identify the client’s demands. These demands are translated into a film script and a (technical) plan of approach. These are the main ingredients for a film production being able to get to the clients’ target audience emotions, but also and above all conveys.

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