Our mission is to help our customers convey their message in an impressive and effective way.


CCD Media, founded and led by filmmaker Christiaan Cats, has been around for 15 years and creates narrative and cinematic video productions for companies and brands. Inspired by feature films, we put humanity at the center of our productions. Our goal is to take the viewer into the experience world of the main character. This way we create an authentic story that fits the look and feel of your company.


Meet our team: The crew of CCD Media


How do you make your video stand out?

In every video we distinguish ourselves by applying three elements:

  1. A clear message: Focusing on the essence of the message, so that it comes across as effectively as possible.
  2. An authentic story: This creates a stronger connection with your audience and speaks to them on an emotional level.
  3. A striking feature: For example, aerial shots or a freerunner. This gives viewers something to refer to when they talk about the video.

Strengthen your business with a video identity.

Build a creative relationship with us, develop together towards a video identity that fits your organization. We create a recognizable visual style in multiple videos, reflecting the quality and values of your organization and creating trust. Our custom-made video productions are carefully crafted, from script to music.


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Zamire Thijssen – Head of Productions

Let CCD Media help you create a video that speaks to your target audience, inspires, and convinces them. Contact Zamire to discuss how we can best assist you.
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