Driven by film

We are inspired by films, because films activates emotions. You will be drawn into the experience level of the character. This allows you to remember the story and stay involved.

For over 10 years, CCD Media has been creating videos with a cinematic look for companies and brands.
We like to work on a creative relationship with our customers, so that we can grow together in creating a video identity that suits them.

We believe that a video stands out when it consists of 3 elements:

  • a strong identity,
  • a striking feature,
  • and a clear message.


Together we can shape these elements into a video concept.

This workflow allows us to tailor make the videos in detail; from determining the camera’s emotion to composing music and sound design.

Just like feature films, we let the viewer experience the video, making the message memorable.



Our clients


Companies and organizations

CCD Media produces directly for and in cooperation with all types of companies, irrespective of their size. You can count on us from concept to final product, with advantages such as direct communication between you and your producer and therefore quality is being guaranteed.


The passion-driven man behind CCD Media is cinematographer / director of photography Mr. Christiaan Cats. Working independently for producers and equipped with state of the art, high-end camera equipment. Please check his website for further information.


Get in touch

Zamire Thijssen – Head of Productions

Let CCD Media help you create a video that speaks to your target audience, inspires, and convinces them. Contact Zamire to discuss how we can best assist you.
Phone number: (+31) 630 447 034